Monday, August 22, 2016

What scrapping has taught me.

This is something I have begun to embrace, more so than ever before. I am blessed and SO happy to be a part of the SpiegelMom Scraps design team, I have a great new YouTube series going with a wonderful friend, Heather. I'm scrapping with purpose and with a deadline now and I think the structure and time limit is more of a motivator than a deterant. I'm enjoying it A LOT more too. I'm pushed creatively, I'm blessed with great new products and I have amazing people around me to encourage, teach and inspire me. I'm Scrapping happy and it shows. I have never enjoyed it more than I am now. 
   People say doing it like work will kill the fun and make it less enjoyable, but I am finding the opposite to be true for me. 
   I'm also about to send my youngest, My sweet,tiny 3yr. old, to pre-k. I'm holding onto memories better. I used to have a problem with this. I struggled to recall even a few days ago. Now, every second, every smile matters and seems to stick. 
    Scrapping for me is so much more than just sticking down pretty paper with some glue and putting my picture down. It's personal. It's giving my voice to my girls when I no longer have one. It's my story, my love, my feeling and my gift to those after me. 
    I find great people while on this journey as well. I have made many great friends, been blessed with amazing kindness and learned how to find myself and style in my creative world that this entire community has helped with. I love that. I love being apart of a, really, way of life that is filled with memories and joy. 
    So, find time. Make time. Everyday. Take a few minutes to yourself to make ANYTHING. A layout, an embellishment, a pocket page or card. Something to make you happy and know that you matter, your story matters. Tell it. 

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