Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hi everyone.  
 I wanted to take a moment and kinda let you know a little bit about what I do. I am a scrapbooker, first and foremost. I LOVE 12x12 layouts, it gives me a great blank canvas to start with. Lots of room for messy mixed media, glitter, color and my story. Every layout for me starts with a photo and the meaning behind it. I want my kids to look back and know what I was thinking, feeling or just seeing what made me happy. I'm just getting interested in art journaling because time does not always allow me to create a whole layout. I am happiest when doing SOMETHING crafty! 
 I have a YouTube channel I'm really starting to enjoy and relax while sharing layouts, hauls, and just chatting and sharing parts of me with others who are also interested in the creative process like I am.
You can find me here...
 I really hope you enjoy what I am so excited to start here and am looking to share A Lot more of what I create here!!!

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